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Remediation: understanding new media ebook

Remediation: understanding new media ebook

Remediation: understanding new media. J. David Bolter, Richard Grusin

Remediation: understanding new media
ISBN: 0262024527,9780262024525 | 295 pages | 8 Mb

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Remediation: understanding new media J. David Bolter, Richard Grusin
Publisher: MIT Press

Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin, “Immediacy, Hypermediacy and Remediation.” Remediation: Understanding New Media. Virgil has decided to give me a little nudge in the direction of New Media and Remediation this week. Remediation: Understanding New Media. In their book, Remediation: Understanding New Media, Bolter and Grusin state, “Our one prediction is that any future media will also define their cultural meaning with reference to established technologies. Week 2: Frederic Kittler, “The Mother's Mouth,” Discourse Networks 1800/1900. A Book of the Book (New York: Granary Books, 2000). Modern Visual Poetry (Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2001). Bolter gives this explanation of the motivation of hypermedia and transparent media at the commencement of his text “Remediation: Understanding New Media”. To develop this argument and to demonstrate the importance of understanding code as performative and processual (rather than as a static artefact), I undertake a media-specific analysis (Hayles 2004) by an examination of what Bolter and Grusin (1999) called reverse . This translational quality of digital representation and storage (albeit at an often degraded resolution within digital data structures) is something that highlights the strong remedial qualities of digital representation. Finally, I wanted students to discover and use a new tool as a group and to continue the course's interest in the impact of media platforms on rhetorical potentials. Jay David Bolter, Georgia Institute of Technology, co-author of Remediation: Understanding New Media. Remediation : understanding the new media 1999 ch. Introduction and Keynote to the Networked Self Albert-László Barabási. Remediation: understanding new media (Cambridge, Mass.

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